“  – I used PureHeal+ on the recommendation of my physician for a recent burn on my arm. I used it for 2 months and the scar has disappeared, I can wear sleeveless tops without worrying about the scar!. I keep some handy at home to use on my kids as well, just in case. I would recommend this product in a heartbeat… “  SM

“  – I had a heart surgery scar on my chest for many years and I have tried different products over the years to improve it. I was told because of my dark skin that there was not much to do for it. I used PureHealPlus on the recommendation of a physician and it worked to soften my scar greatly, my scar is smooth and it doesn’t itch. I highly recommend PurehealPlus to anyone. I used it for 2 weeks but I saw a big difference the first week. I am very happy with my results ! “  GN

“  – I’m not the chef in our home and consequently burnt my right hand taking a hot tray from the oven. This was not the first time, but this time I immediately put PH+ onto the new burn as well an the old scar on my left hand from a few weeks prior. The new one healed faster and also is barely even noticeable now! My old scar as well improved and honestly I only used PH+ for a few applications! Thank you so much! “  DL

“  – I really liked this product because I’ve used other products and did not see anty change but with this product I’ve noticed a big change the area where my scar is much softer and the scar appears much lighter and to be blending in with my skin tone. Thank you. “  NR

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